Sarah McKenzie Brotzman

Sarah McKenzie is the Operations manager for Legacy Health and Wellness, Reno. Legacy Behavioral Solutions. Sarah is a Registered Behavioral Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, and PATH Certified Equine Instructor. She has worked in the field for 6 years helping children, teens and adults with daily life skills and emotional regulation strategies. Sarah has her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a Minor in Health & a Master’s degree in Child Psychology. She is currently working towards her second Master’s degree to receive her LCSW. Along with clinical work Sarah works with adults, teens, and littles on the Autism Spectrum and with Down Syndrome diagnoses through Behavioral and Equine Therapy. Sarah provides trainings to various organizations within the community teaching about the Autism Spectrum Disorder to help spread awareness & knowledge. Her passion is to help guide the lives of others, helping them to gain the skills essential for coping, achieving their goals & living their best life.