Mental Health

Mental health is a state of psychological happiness, without mental illness. Those with proper mental health are experiencing a satisfactory level of behavioral and emotional life.

Mental Health & Mental Illness

An individual experiencing mental health issues often mention loneliness, stress, anxiety, depression, relational problems, addictions, suicidal thoughts, grief, mood disorders or other mental health problems of varying degrees of unhappiness. Those in the mental health field can help those patients by providing therapy treatments, medication or counseling.

Importance of Mental Health

Maintenance of one’s mental health is indeed significant to living a healthy and enduring life. Proper mental health can enhance a person’s life. Poor mental health can keep someone from living a full and meaningful life. Also, children and adults with mental health issues can experience social stigma which can make life even more unbearable.

Mental Health Thoughts

Mental Well-Being

Mental Health is always a positive thing that most folks always try to strive for and maintain. If one feels that they’re moving away from a state of mental health, then the individual will try to improve their health through various means. Mental health can be seen in multiple models that include holistic & tripartite methods. Many therapeutic systems, methods and self-help books offer philosophies and techniques to get back to or maintain one’s mental health.


Prevention of mental disorders at a very young age may increase chances that the individual doesn’t suffer from mental disorders at a later part of life. Prevention, regardless of age, should be started as early as possible to gain the most benefits possible. Prevention should include regular treatment to detect and reveal any mental health concerns.
Emotional Improvement
Unemployment hurts a person’s emotional state, self-esteem, and their overall mental health. Therefore, gaining employment has shown to improve one’s mental health. This is only one trigger for mental disorders that should be noted. Surrounding yourself with positive relationships is also very important. It’s essential to feed off friendship and interaction with others. Other means include practicing activities that allow you to relax. Yoga is a strong example that provides relaxation for your entire body and nervous system. Mindfulness is growing in popularity.


Modern Methods of Treatment include spiritual counseling, meditation, physical activity, activity therapies, expressive therapies, psychotherapy & pharmacotherapy.

Mental Health in Social Work

Social work in mental health or also referred to as psychiatric social work involves providing help for someone needing help to attain liberation from the crossing of internal and external problems that are disturbing a person’s mental health. The process targets quality of life, harmony, self-actualization and personal survival throughout all necessary mental health systems. Psychiatric social workers assist the patient and their family members in coping with mental health issues and also the underlying economic & social problems that are brought up by these problems. These Psychiatric Social Workers are vital members of a treatment team in hospitals, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, local and state governments, correctional facilities and substance abuse clinics.

Social workers could potentially practice:
• Psychotherapy & Counseling
• Support Services & Case management
• Intervention of Crisis
• Psychoeducation
• Psychiatric Recovery and Rehabilitation
• Care monitoring and coordination
• Program administration or management
• Policy, Program & Resource Development
• Evaluation & Research

Mental Health Social Workers employ psychosocial evaluations of the person. They move toward the enhancement of the person and further with family communications. Social Workers are also sometimes involved in counseling, psychotherapy, and education. In every area, they are crucial to the before and after care process to move the person back to a better mental health.