Enrique Trevino Jr.

My name is Enrique Trevino Jr. and I am a Clinical Professional Counselor- Intern at Legacy Health
and Wellness. After serving 16 plus years in the mortgage industry and helping many individuals
and families accomplish their dreams of becoming homeowners, I felt a need in help individuals
accomplish whatever personal growth they sought. To do this, it required getting further
education. With the support of my wife and daughter, I received my bachelors from University of
Arizona, formerly University of Ashford, and then obtained my master’s from Grand Canyon
University, all at the young age of 42. I was now educated properly in helping individuals with their
personal goals and development. I can genuinely say being a part of an individual’s growth and
witnessing the experience and excitement that comes with it is very rewarding, so much so, I wish I
had gone back to get my education sooner. I welcome those who want to grow and overcome any
obstacle in their way to becoming a better YOU.