Danielle Smith

Danielle has been with Legacy Health and Wellness since 2015.  Danielle began her employment as a Qualified Behavioral Aide, then gaining experience and credentialing to become a Qualified Mental Health Associate.  Danielle was promoted to Direct Supervisor in 2019 and advanced to become Assistant Director in 2021.   Danielle has a bachelor’s degree in biology, and over the course of several years found herself increasingly drawn to the field of human services.  Danielle has been instrumental in both the development and retention of professional relationships between skilled nursing facilities and mental and behavioral healthcare organizations.   Danielle has advocated for behavioral health care services, with proven results, to individuals in long term care.  She effectively utilizes an individual’s strengths as a means toward successfully working on areas of deficit.  She has provided educational in-services and trainings to health care professionals to promote best practices in the implementation of behavioral health interventions in skilled settings.  Danielle continues to focus her work on developing and expanding the quality behavioral health care services to those in long term care and community-based settings.